Last Day of Summer!

Measuring the distance around the garden for the fence.

Playing the spiral math game.

Playing the spiral math game.

Little water droplets moving their way up to the leaves.

Playing the spiral math game.

Building the roller coaster.

Building the roller coaster.

Building the roller coaster.

I can't believe that tomorrow is the first day of fall! It definitely does not feel like it! We have got so much accomplished in the last week. We are starting to work on story plots. We are slowly adding each story component to our notebook. The students are doing a great job with each concept and how it applies to the stories. For science, we have been working on energy. They have been building roller coasters and learning how momentum is very important when keeping energy going. For exploration place, the students learned all about plants and how water makes its way up the plant to the leaves. It was a great and messy experience!! : ) Tomorrow is the first day of fall. We will be baking and making fall crafts for the nursing home down the street. On Friday, we will be walking to the nursing home to deliver all of our treats. We will also be learning why leaves lose their color each fall and how the seasons begin to change. On Friday, we are going to finish up our Winn Dixie story with a Winn Dixie Day! We are going to celebrate the story and reenact some scenes from the story. It really is a great story about friendship.

This class has just completely amazed me with their creative thinking and their out of the box thinking. They think of some of the most unique approaches to a problem, such as designing their roller coaster. I was SO impressed. For another activity, they are designing a garden for the outside of the school. The students have been working on measuring and calculating how much fencing we will need. For our yearly Interest Day, we have a special guest coming who is going to carve and eagle for our school with a chainsaw! We are going to put the eagle outside of our school and slowly add a garden around it. The students have been helping me to plan, and through this, we are applying a lot of problem solving skills and TONS of math skills. They're doing great! It will be a great project with lots of learning. Our next project is to grid out the eagle for the artist.



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