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Meet your elementary robotics teams.

Eisenhower will be competing in two separate competitions in a middle school league.  The team is hard at work practicing and preparing for "Game Day".


Event : Make Vincent van Gogh Proud

Students designed a "costume" to dress up their robot of choice.


These students wanted to build a "bride robot" for their design.  They created sketches and plans before putting together the bride-to-be.  They worked hard to make it stylish but also functional.

Event : King of Coding Part 1

Students chose a Mindstorm build to create and program.  A video had to be created for "Game Day". 

Brecken chose the Mindstorm build called The Shooting Gallery.  This code & build is intended as a game in which the targets randomly stand up for you to shoot.  The hub scores the round and then you reset.

Event : King of Coding Part 2

Students chose a Mindstorm build to create and program.  A video had to be created for "Game Day". 

The classic Whack-a-Mole game is what you'll find for this King of Coding.  Myles took on the grueling task of building this intricate build that releases "moles" up with different motors and also scores your hits and misses.

Event : Machine Challenge Videos

Students chose a Mindstorm build to create and program.  A video had to be created for "Game Day". 

Alex created a mouse trap with the Mindstorm kit.  The trap is coded to set to a timer, then once ready, if anything puts pressure on the release platform.....they are done for....trapped in the clamp from the motors!

Sebastien took on the challenge of building a Morse code machine that would blink the letters that coordinated with the dash/dots from the Morse code language sheet.  Sebastien compared this to the 1s/0s that computers use to communicate.  He learned the language and coded the team name "MIKErobots".

Brayson used the Mindstorm set to create a putting machine.  After built, the machine was able to putt at different strength levels for different distances.  He was able to accurately putt a ball into a Lego built "hole".

Holden & Mazric built a self parking car featuring an adjustable parking stall.  Their code allowed the car to judge the distance from the wall and successfully park in the stall no matter the size just like what's featured in many new models of vehicles!

Ryker helped build and code the hoverboard.  This hoverboard and stationary rider uses it's gyro within the hub to stay balanced while the motors and wheels propel it forward!  You can even see the little rider move his arms back and forth to "balance" himself!

Vex VR Online Bot Coding

Students had to code a virtual robot on an online platform.

Brecken was challenged to code a robot through a virtual maze through the landing zones of A, B, C, then D in the fewest lines of code.

Rocking Out with Mindstorm Bass Guitar

Students had to build and code a robotic bass guitar to play a song

Kate created a song that she was able to play with a free code Mindstorm guitar.  She learned the notes/tones and created a tune to play!

Theo created a song that he was able to free code.  He created the beat and tried his best to make the tune to Mary Had a Little Lamb.  He did great explaining it all!

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