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Pumpkin Book Report

1.  Read a popular children's book
~ Check it off your list when you finish

2.  Complete your summary
~ Somebody, wanted, but, so then graphic organizer

~ Check it off your list when you finish

Screenshot 2022-09-25 8.23.07 PM.png

3.  Write your first paragraph (summary)
~ Use your summary graphic organizer to guide you


4.  Complete your character trait graphic organizer
~ Choose words that represent your character and make sure there is proof from the book!

Make sure that you have enough proof from the book for the trait you choose!

Screenshot 2022-09-25 8.32.09 PM.png
Screenshot 2022-09-25 8.36.37 PM.png

5.  Plan and write your paragraphs 2-4 about the character traits.
Each paragraph introduces and explains the next character trait.

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