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Transportation System


Communication Systems



Oregon-California Trail

Santa Fe Trail

Pony Express

Places & Institutions 

Regions of the United States


People & Roles

Civic & Cultural Leaders

Black Bear Bosin
Charles Curtis
Robert Dole
Wyatt Earp
Amelia Earhart
Dwight Eisenhower
Langston Hughes
Alf Landon
Carry A Nation
Gordon Parks
William Allen White


Francisco Coronado
Lewis & Clark
Stephen H. Long
Zebulon Pike


George Washington Carver
Clyde Cessna
Walter Chrysler

IXL Skills

3rd Grade Social Studies

D. 13 - George Washington Carver
D. 14 - Amelia Earhart

4th Grade Social Studies

H 1-15 : Identifying, Selecting, and Naming States of Each Region

I 1-10 : Identifying and Naming Capitals of Each Region

Early 19th Century American History
C2 : The Lewis & Clark Expedition


I can frame a historical question.

I can recognize different historical perspectives

I can recognize sources for primary sources

I can refer to details from the text when explaining what the text says. (RI 4.1)

I can explain events, procedures, ideas or concepts in a historical text and what and why it happened. (RI 4.3)

I can describe the overall text structure. (RI 4.5)

I can compare and contrast firsthand and secondhand accounts of the same event. (RI 4.6)

I can write an informative text to examine the topic and convey the ideas clearly. (W 4.2)

I can draw evidence from the text to support my research. (W 4.9)

I can report on a topic in an organized manner using appropriate facts. (SL 4.4)


Transportation systems, migration, communication, and commerce

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