Computer Projects

This page is used to understand the technology usage of the tech tools in our classroom.


Coding is the foundation for everything on this page.  This is VERY important to understand how to run any application on this page.

Makey Makey

The Makey Makey is designed for quick connections between a computer and a variety of objects.  Students can experiment with various configurations to create a complete circuit.
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These are printables





Don't just play video games, but BUILD them!  Use the necessary color coded blocks to build terrain, characters, challenges, and all the fun!
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Class Code : 6UBE8G





1.  One pool noodle
2. Three rubber bands
3. Three markers
4. One electric toothbrush

Objective : Build a robot that will draw circles on a piece of typing paper


3D Printing

Learn to design and print on the 3D printer!

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Screenshot 2022-04-05 10.10.32 AM.png

Use the resources below to learn more!



Learning to type is important!  Below is the link to the district typing page and a link to a typing challenge.  No matter how quick or slow you type, it's important to use those HOME ROW KEYS!!