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Week of Sept 5-9

We have had a VERY busy week! We are finishing up a story about an athlete that was very successful in the 1912 Olympics, Jim Thorpe. (He went to school for a while at Haskell University in Lawrence!) We talked more about summarizing, characters, and setting. The kids have been working hard putting together their interactive notebooks. They're doing great! We have also been finishing up our projects on some of our major concepts from the first couple weeks. I've posted a few of them (at the bottom of the extra credit section) and there's many more to come! I'm very excited to see how they turn out. So far, they've been great!! Soooo impressed!! For math we are continuing to build on our number sense and they are really getting the hang of it. We'll be testing on this next week and then moving to the next set of standards, but they're definitely ready! For science, we built rubber band energized cars and tested them. We discussed kinetic and potential energy and experienced the scientific process throughout the building! For social studies, we have been learning about all the different Native American houses and we have 8 different groups building the house types and then will teach the class about them! It's been a fun week!!



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