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Thursday is the new Friday

Today was our Friday!! We started the day with some exchanging of our classroom cash then deposited everything into their checking accounts. I gave them each $10 to deposit into their checking account then I asked them each to write me a one dollar check to withdraw from their account. They did an awesome job! About mid morning we had our first tornado drill into the new safe room! It went great! The whole school did awesome. We finished our morning with some centers, then after lunch we took our spelling test. We are going to be making some videos and presentation projects next week. So this afternoon the students planned of those out. I'm super excited to see how they turn out! We finished our day with the help from "The Egg Man" Mr. Adams! 😆 that's what he called himself! He helped us by helping me get all of the egg contraptions to the top of the school, then we launched them off! We had six total contraptions, and three out of the six worked! We were pretty impressed! It was a fun day and a fun way to end the week. Now for a four-day weekend and then start back on Tuesday of next week! I'm going to post a few more pictures from the egg drop in a later post. 



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