Unit 2

The Medieval Times

The Medieval Times

Part 1

I will research and take notes on the reading provided.  I will write an informative paragraph about a serf's life.  I will write a comparative paper comparing lords & serfs.  I will write a persuasive paragraph about which level of the hierarchy I would have wanted to be in the Middle Ages.

Lesson 1 - Big Question

What events led to the middle ages?

Word - Transform


medieval - transform - empire - seize - loot

infamous - papacy - nobleman

Read Welcome to the Middle Ages

Take notes on important events

I can sequence events on a timeline

I can read and understand a timeline.  I understand how it helps me better understand the information provided.

Lesson 2 - Big Question

How were the lives of serfs & Lords different from one another?

Word - Rival

Read To the Manor Born

Identify nouns & adjectives - un- & non-

Complete the lords and serfs chart

I have completed my comparison chart of lords and serfs.  This will help me write my paragraph project.

Lesson 3 - Big Question

How can I explain the differences between Serfs and Lords in my writing?

Word - Loyal

Create a plan for compare & contrast

Go over paragraph builder

Compose an informative paragraph about a lord's life

I will build an informative paragraph about a lord's life.  I will choose a topic sentence and supporting details that provide more information about the topic I chose.

Lesson 4 - Big Question

Why was there a need for Knights and castles?

Word - influential

Read Gloomy Castles & Jousting Knights

Take notes on the reading

Identify nouns & adjectives ~ 

un- & non-

I will focus my energy on vocabulary, prefixes, and parts of speech to improve my writing.

Lesson 5 - Big Question

How did the growth of trade affect the way people lived?

Word - Fuel

Read Merchants, Markets, and Mud

Answer questions on reading --> find positive & negatives to town life

Understand the rubric for my writing - serf paragraph

I am learning more about life during the Middle Ages to better my informative paragraph.

Lesson 6 - Big Question

How did the growth of trade affect the way people lived?

Word - Emerge

Compare life on a manor to life in town

I understand -ly & en- used as prefixes and suffixes

I understand the vocabulary words for the reading

I am continuing to work on my prefixes, suffixes, and vocabulary.  I understand the basics of what life was like in a manor and life in town.

Lesson 7 - Big Question

What practices in the middle ages show the influence and power of the church?

Word - Devote

Read The Power of the Church

Complete the chart to compare knights, craftsmen, and monks/nuns

Write 3 ways the church influenced the people during the Middle Ages

I understand the basics of life of the knights, craftsmen, and monks/nuns.  I understand that the church had a lot of influence on life in the Middle Ages.

Lesson 8 - Big Question

How did the church impact the lives of people?

Word - destined


Read The Power of the Church

Using the chart, write 2 positive impacts for each group of people

Discuss the different groups of people

As I get closer to writing my persuasive paper, I will compile my list of 2 positive impacts each group of people discussed in the writing had on the times.

Lesson 9 - Big Question

How did the battle of hastings change history?

Word - Determination

In this chapter, you will be on the lookout for information about the 2 countries involved and their leaders :

  • Normandy 

  • William the Duke of Normandy

  • England

  • King Harold

Read 1066: The Battle That Changed History

Discuss the battle and its effects

Discuss how to use adjectives & adverbs correctly

I will focus on the correct use of adjectives and adverbs.

Lesson 10 - Big Question

How did the battle of hastings change history?

Word - Pursue

Use information from the reader to answer questions

Discuss a persuasive 


Complete the graphic organizer for the person you chose

I will create a basic plan of attack for my persuasive paper.  I will choose my category of person and compile a list of basic facts about them that support my reasoning.

Lesson 11 - Big Question

Why was King Henry II such an important English king?

Word - restore

Read Henry II and Law & Order" and discuss the king's effects

Discuss the difference between subject and predicates 

I understand the root arch

I understand the use of a subject and predicate.  I understand the basic uses of our root arch.

Lesson 12 - Big Question

How did King Henry II impact England?

Word - Acquire

Check out the graphic organizer to discuss the groups

Continue the discussion of King Henry

Discuss the points of focus for the persuasive paragraph

Create a group paragraph

I created a practice paragraph in teacher center.

Lesson 13 - Big Question

Why is Magna Carta such an important document?

Word - inevitable

Read King John & Magna Carta

Plan for your persuasive paragraph

Create a rough draft of your paragraph

I am starting to create a layout for my paragraph.

Lesson 14 - Big Question


How are things in our lives today affected by things people created or invented in the middle ages?

Word - indeed

Read A Changing World and discuss the effects the Middle Ages had on today

Work with Unit vocabulary & parts of speech

Complete the chart comparing the ages

I focused on the vocabulary of the unit and can explain the basic affects of the Middle Ages.

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