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Technology Projects for Literature Circles

Video Game

Scratch & Minecraft

Google Tour

Stop Motion

Online Plot

Emoji & Bloxel

AR Game

3D Print

Use the links below to complete your project. 

Video Game

1.  Create a basic plan on ScratchJr

2.  Decide on the type of game  design and build


3D Print

Google Tour

1.  Create a list of all the locations used 

2.  Log into Google Tour to add the locations 

Stop Motion

1.  Create a storyboard for you plan

2.  Use ClapMotion to create your movie

Online Plot

1.  Using only emojis - teach about the plot

AR Game

1.  Create a map/list of parts you want to teach about


2.  Use Metaverse to create your story layout

1.  Create a plan for your design on paper

2.  Use the ToyBox 3D printing app to design project

1.   You will need to use the Bloxels app to complete

1.  Create a plan and design it on Minecraft

Technology Project Experts

Google Tour Expert - Wesleigh

Ipad Screen Recording - Rogan

Scratch Expert - Ellie, Caleb, and Lexi

Bloxels Expert - Luke & Cole

AR Expert - Dru

Stop Motion Expert - Lani

Minecraft Expert - Alex & Skilar

3D Printing - Mrs. Sawyer