Unit 2

The Medieval Times

Part 2

I will learn about new empires of the Middle Age, create a battle plan, create and present a historical fiction & a fable.

Lesson 16 - Big Question

How can we describe the world into which muhammad was born?

Word - emerged

Read "Arabia"

Take notes on important events

I can sequence events on a timeline

I can label events on a timeline.

Lesson 17 - Big Question

How did muhammad become one of the most influential religious leaders of all time?

Read The Birth of a New Religion

Identify prefixes un-, non-, & en-

Take notes on the reading and paraphrase

I understand the difference between a sentence and a fragment.

Lesson 18 - Big Question

How did muhammad become one of the most influential religious leaders of all time?

Reread chapter 11 and organize the info

Complete the map activity

Complete the sequencing events and note taking activity

I used the facts from my notes to organize information about Muhammad.

Lesson 19 - Big Question

How did different types of battle plans effect battle?

Read The Caliphate

Recognize and identify 4 types of sentences

Create a diagram for your battle

I created an annotated diagram of a battle and presented it.

Lesson 20 - Big Question

Why are there shiite and sunni muslims?

Read The Civil War

Discuss the story elements of a well known story

Complete the story element chart

I will create a historical fiction piece that will follow the story elements.

Lesson 21 - Big Question

Why are there shiite and sunni muslims?

Read chapter The Civil War

I will answer factual questions on the Umayyad dynasty

I will create a rough draft of my historical fiction

I will create my historical fiction story.

Lesson 22 - Big Question

What was life like for muslims in the islamic classical age?

Read The Classical Age

I can identify and discuss important features of classical Islamic architecture

I worked on my vocabulary and worked on proper verb use

I understand the use of the root word graph.

Lesson 23 - Big Question

Why did the Christians launch the crusades?

Read chapter 15 The Crusades

I took part in the discussion of the crusades.

I will record my historical fiction on FlipGrid for peers to view

I will finish up my historical fiction and record it on FlipGrid.

Lesson 24 - Big Question

What is a fable?  What are the features o a fable?

Read Kalila and Dimna

I understand the features of a fable.

I can create a fable with a moral.

I will create and present a fable.

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