Driving Question : What can I do to better understand my reading?

Weekly Driving Question : What can I do to better visualize my story to convey the.....

  • Setting

  • Characters

  • Events




How can I help organize myself and my group to better understand the story more in depth?

I completed my reading, discussion, and organized our information to present through the game.

How can I show the details of the setting, characters, and events of my story?

Start planning your technology project and help others with theirs

My group successfully  built online platforms to describe the setting, characters, and events of our book.

How can my project better explain my reading?  How can  I teach people about the setting, character, and events of the story?

I helped create a project that helped my audience better understand my book.

Literature Circle


Gaming Projects

  • Read assigned pages

  • Complete the literature role sheets

  • Actively participate in the discussions

  • Complete your emoji assignment

  • Decide and complete jobs page for projects

  • Complete your notes page

  • Draw your pictures for events

  • Complete the graphic organizer

  • Complete your quiz

  • Project jobs should be decided

  • Create a drawing of your plan

  • Complete gaming plan graphic organizer

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