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4th Grade Podcasts

Check in each week with Eisenhower 4th grade students on their topics and facts presented through their podcasts.


Students prepare each week through research, writing, practicing, creating music, and recording to produce their podcast.


Producer & Tech Support

Lane Swingle runs the editing and publishing of each podcast.

Eisenhower Flight Check

Check in with students each week on upcoming events and activities.


Interviews by Brittin & Delaynie

Check in with Brittin & Delaynie each week for interviews of student, staff, and other surprise guests about upcoming events and projects!

Music with Gracie

Check in with Music by Gracie for the latest in music trends, facts, and information!

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Math Trivia with Brett Sawyer

Play some math trivia and questions with Brett!

What's Up Eisenhower? with Lexi

Check in each week to see what's going on at Eisenhower Elementary!


Interviews with Emersyn & Bristel

Check in each week to see what's going on at Eisenhower Elementary!


Comedy Clowns

Get your fill of weekly laughter with the Comedy Clowns!


Crusader Sports with Branson & Carder

Check in on Crusader sports with 2 of the 4th grade coaches - Branson & Carder!


Space Kids

Want to know more about space?  Check out this podcast with Mikkel, Brantley, and Nycco.


Welcome to the Jungle

Learn more about animals, the environment, and interviews!

Hunting with Miller & Eli

Get some advice and facts from hunters Eli & Miller!

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Latest Rock News with Jett

Get the latest rock news, facts, and fun from Jett Cramer!

Animals & the Environment

Get some information about animals and the environment each week from Zoe, Peyton, Emiley, & Elyssa!


K-State Check In with Kyan

Check in with Kyan each week about K-State sports and activities.

A Dog's Life

Do you want to know what a day in the life of a dog would be like?  Well check in with Lily, Ashlynn, and Gemma each week to find out!


Weird Science

Listen in on some weird science facts with Dalton, Xander, and Emiliano.

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