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How To Videos

Basic Videos of How to Access Online Assignments and Videos

Our plan of action during this crazy time.  Well here we go!

Our plan is to have a daily check in live each day.  It will be 10 minutes or less.  The check in will be the "meat" of what needs to be done and how to do it.  There won't be a lot of fluff with this online deal. 

We are going to also activate the stream on Google Classroom so that students can comment questions, concerns, or ideas they have.  Each day we will have a few things for them to do. 

The state has set a time limit of 90 minutes per day for 4th graders.  So what they are asked to do should not exceed 90 minutes per day for each student.  They can break it up if they would like.  All assignments need to be completed by Friday. 

Google Classroom will be where every student finds all of their assignments.  Please let your classroom teacher know if you need anything and please understand things may not run perfectly the first week but we WILL get the kinks worked out!

How to Log Into Google Classroom

How to Use Google Meet

How to Use Assignments

How to log into Clever

How to log in to zearn

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